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The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

The Hon Tony Burke MP
Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

$28.5 million for new environment and sustainable farming projects

Joint media release
20 November 2008

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The Rudd Government today announced more than $28.5 million in funding to support 137 local and community groups with environmental and sustainable farming projects under Caring for our Country.

Environment Minister, Peter Garrett and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke, said grants of between $80,000 and $400,000 would assist catchment management bodies, farmer and community groups, universities and industry organisations.

Projects will include work to protect endangered species in the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia; manage weeds in the Fitzroy Basin in Western Australia; improve soil carbon storage, restore seabird habitat on Montague Island off the coast of NSW, protect platypus in Tasmania and protect turtles in Arnhem Land.

The package includes more than $5.5 million for sustainable farming practices; $8.9 million for Landcare projects; more than $7.3 million for biodiversity and natural icons, more than $5.7 million for coasts and critical aquatic habitats and more than $1.1 million for other projects.

“These 137 grants, part of the Rudd Government’s $2.25 billion commitment to Caring for our Country, will lead to significant environmental benefits and advances in land management practices in all states and territories,” Mr Garrett said.

“Through Caring for our Country, the Government is taking a comprehensive, targeted and integrated approach to natural resource management funding, encouraging organisations to work together to deliver on national priorities.

“Many projects funded through this Open Grants scheme look beyond their local environmental issues to link up with others to deliver better environment and land management practices on a larger scale.

“For example, the Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority’s project Murray Mouth to Mountains Ecosystem Corridors will bring together ten catchment management organisations along the length of the Murray River. They will work together to build on and create links of native vegetation between the river and the ridgeline areas from the Murray mouth in South Australia, through NSW, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory to the recently National Heritage Listed Australian Alps.”

The ministers said climate change and other pressures such as invasive weeds and pests underlined the need for the Government to continue to work in partnership with communities to help ensure the future of Australia’s environment and farming industries.

Minister Burke said Australia’s farmers were world-leaders in sustainable land management and the funding would help them to continue their environmental work.

“Our farmers understand the harsh Australian environment and the need to look after our precious landscape,” Mr Burke said.

“These grants allow local projects to build on farmers’ good work.

“Through Caring for our Country, the Government continues to recognise that work and provide funding support so it can continue.

“One example is a project in the northern agricultural region of Western Australia to encourage the planting of the native shrub melaleuca, to minimise the effects of salinity on farms.

“This will provide both biodiversity benefits including lowering the water table and revegetation of land affected by salinity.

“At the same time, prunings from the melaleuca trees can be harvested for brushwood fencing material. This is a win for both the environment and farmers,” Mr Burke said.

“We look forward to working together to secure a sustainable, resilient and productive environment for all Australians to share.”

Further information and a full listing of successful grants is available at 


Project Title Group Funding

Sustainable Milk Production Model for the Northern Dairy Industry

Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation Limited


Maximising Nutrient Use Efficiency and Improving Soil Health in the Processing Tomato Industry

Australian Processing Tomato Research Council Inc


Strategic Management of Serrated Tussock - Reducing Threats to Sustainable Farming

Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee Inc.


Australian Wine Industry Stewardship Environmental Assurance Program

Winemakers' Federation of Australia Inc.


Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual

Rural Directions Trust


Sustainable Piggery Effluent Utilisation in Australian Farming Systems

Australian Pork Limited


Protecting the Northern Territory from Rubber Vine incursion

Roper River Landcare Group Inc


Sustainable Practice - Development of the Horticulture Recognition Framework

Horticulture Australia Limited


Do It with Dung - from the Mountains to the Murray

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Group


Enhancing Adoption of Best Practice Grazing Management in Northern Australia: Phase 1 - Integration and Scenario Testing

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited


A Responsible Lead - Laying the Foundations of the Grains Industry Environmental Plan

Grains Research and Development Corporation


Seanet East- the Environmental Fisheries Extension Program for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria

Oceanwatch Australia Ltd


Developing Sustainable Production Systems, Resilient to Climate Change - Baselining

Avongro Wheatbelt Tree Cropping Incorporated


Project Title Group Funding

Prickly Acacia Outlier Control in Northwest Queensland and South Australia

Southern Gulf Catchments Limited


National Online Database for Weed Risk Assessment

Department of Primary Industries


National Guidelines for Minimising Waterway infestations of Chilean Needle Grass - Filling a Major Gap in Knowledge and Advice

Victoria University


Woodland Bird Conservation Project

Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union


The Great Toad Muster and National Cane Toad Eradication Week

Stop the Toad Foundation (Inc.)


EMU - Empowering Pastoralists to Manage for Sustainable and Productive Landscapes

Natural Resource Management Board (NT) Incorporated


Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach

Territory and Municipal Services


Protecting and Restoring Arid Rivers from Invasive Athel Pine (Tamarix Spp)

Department of Primary Industries and Resources


A National Market Based instrument for Feral Camel Control

National Rangelands NRM Alliance


The Threatened Bird Network

Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union


Harnessing Continent-Wide Biodiversity Datasets for Prioritising National Conservation Investment

Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation


Project Title Group Funding

Yowrie Valley Biodiversity Enhancement and Sustainable Farming Program

Yowrie Valley Landcare Group


Farmer Targets for Climate Change - New South Wales Mid North Coast

Dairy Advancement Group


Climate Priorities - Stocktake and Priority Setting for Broadacre Irrigation in the New South Wales Riverina

Ricegrowers Association of Australia


Horticulture For Tomorrow - Taking Stock of the Environmental Impacts of Horticultural Production in Australia

Horticulture Australia Limited


Project Title Group Funding

Kalare (Lachlan) River Willow Eradication and Management Project

Lachlan Aboriginal Natural Resource Management Corporation


Conservation of Remnant Vegetation on Travelling Stock Reserves

Lachlan Catchment Management Authority


Saving Island Ecology - Eradication of Weeds from Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island Board


Protecting our Migratory Shorebirds and Seabirds

Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority


Fishtrack: Fish Movement and Effects of Flows and Barriers

Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority


Enhancing Riparian Biodiversity and Habitat for Threatened Species in The Upper Murray

Murray Catchment Management Authority


Resilient Riverine Landscapes Below World Heritage Areas

Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority


Riparian Management in the Yanco Creek System

The Yanco Creek and Tributaries Advisory Council


Protecting Values Associated with the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority


Strategic Bitou Bush Control to Protect Biodiversity in NSW

Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NRCMA)


Pulling Rock-Wallabies From an Extinction Vortex

World Wide Fund For Nature Australia


Restoring Lowland Rainforest in the NSW North Coast Bioregion

Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group Inc.


Seabird Habitat Restoration Project - Montague Island Nature Reserve

Department of Environment and Climate Change


Protection and Enhancement of Biodiversity on Nanya Station

University of Ballarat


Eradicating Rodents from Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island Board


Saving our Swamps: National Restoration Program for Temperate Peat Swamps

Blue Mountains City Council


Project Title Group Funding

Reducing Wild Dog Impacts on Agriculture through Enhanced Community Participation

Wild Dog Management Groups


Farming for a Sustainable Future - Demonstrating Best Farm Practices

Lake Wellington Landcare Network


East Gippsland Soil Carbon Project - Pilot Project

Agribusiness Gippsland Inc


Compost Use in Sustainable Agriculture

William Grant


Improving the Efficacy of Hydrogen Phosphide (Ph3) Fumigation for Rabbit Control

Frank Gigliotti


Development of Multi-Dose Ejector for the Control of Foxes

Frank Gigliotti


Project Title Group Funding

Establishing Sustainable Perennial Pastures Systems in the Upper Wimmera Catchment

Project Platypus Association Incorporated


Conservation Management Networks in Gippsland: Protection of Sustainable Farming and Biodiverse Ecosytems

East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation


Strzelecki Warm Temperate Rainforest Restoration - Macks Creek Catchment

Grand Ridge Plantations Pty Ltd


Gunbower Creek Riparian and Aquatic Habitat Reconnection and Restoration Project

North Central Catchment Management Authority


Wedderburn Restoration for Malleefowl and Woodland Birds

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network


Strategic Vegetation Linkages on the East Gippsland Red Gum Plains

Department of Sustainability and Environment


Improving Biodiversity Outcomes in Existing Remnant Protection/Revegetation Sites

Maffra & Districts Landcare Network


"Strengthening Bioregional Landscape Connectivity in the Mid-Loddon Sub-Catchment"

Mid-Loddon Sub-Catchment Group


Strengthening Northern Melbourne's Merri Corridor for Flora, Fauna and People.

Merri Creek Management Committee Inc


Saving Critically Endangered Grassland on the Victorian Volcanic Plain

Department of Sustainability and Environment


Project Title Group Funding

Integrated Management Practices for Alternating Crops - Burdekin Region

Queensland Fruit & Vegetable Growers


Queensland Grow Me Instead Project

Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland Industrial Union of Employers


South East Queensland Sustainable Trees on Farms Program

SEQ Catchments Ltd


Carbon – What Does it Means for Me on My Property

Agforce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers


Transforming Sunshine Coast Caneland into Sustainable Biodiesel and Integrated Farming Enterprises

Maroochy Land Care Group Inc


Educating Producers in Accessing and Utilising Spatial Information!

Agforce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers


Reducing Emissions and Improving Carbon Levels in Southern Queensland Soils

North East Downs Landcare Group Inc.


Macintyre Brook Sustainability Initiative

Macintyre Brook Irrigators Association Incorporated


Encouraging Sustainable Farm Practices via Adoption of Grains Best Management Practices in Queensland

Fitzroy Basin Association Inc.


Burdekin Bowen Integrated Farm Management Monitoring and Support Project

Burdekin Bowen Integrated Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Inc


Project Title Group Funding

Realising a National Rangeland Monitoring Network “Vegmachine”

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries


Restoring Wetland Function and Health of the Mungalla Wetland.

Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation


Rehabilitating Burdekin's Billabongs and Bowling Green Bay Catchments

Burdekin Solutions Ltd


Improving Connectivity and Biodiversity Values in Stanley and Pumicestone Headwaters

SEQ Catchments Ltd


Delivering Wildlife Habitat Management Decision Support in the Brigalow Belt

The University of Queensland


Landscape Connectivity in Queensland's Northern Brigalow Belt - A Biodiversity Hotspot

Burdekin Solutions Ltd


Embracing Partnerships to Protect and Enhance Significant Remnant Vegetation

Toowoomba Landcare Group Inc.


Granite Flora: Recovery in Action

Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Inc.


Protecting Quolls in Queensland Landscapes

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland


Jointly Managing and Promoting the Bohle River, Louisa Creek, Town Common Catchment

Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers


The Keys to Healthy Savanna Lands

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Limited


Rescuing a Gondwanaland Survivor: The Eastern Bristlebird Habitat Restoration Project

Condamine Catchment Natural Resource Management Corporation Limited


South Burnett Regional Integrated Natural Resource Management Project

South Burnett Regional Council


TKRP - Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways

Mulong Pty.Ltd


Fitzroy Basin Weed Management Strategy Implementation - Weeds of National Significance

Capricorn Pest Management Group Inc


Bunya Biolink - Cooyar Creek Riparian Zone Rehabilitation

Greening Australia (Queensland) Ltd


Project Title Group Funding

A Broadacre Approach to Certification of Sustainable Farm Practice

Curtin University of Technology


Adopting Innovative Practices to Improve the Resilience of Farming Systems in the Northern and Eastern Wheatbelt of Western Australia

Wheatbelt East Regional Organisation of Councils (Weroc)


Sustainable Production and Landscape Repair in Salinity-Affected, Water Supply Catchments



Good Practice and Better Environmental Outcomes in Vegetable Production

WA Vegetable Growers Association Inc


Project Title Group Funding

Enabling Martu to Preserve Biodiversity in the Western Desert

Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation


Increased Adoption of Sustainable Brushwood Production.

Moore Catchment Council Inc


Best-Practice Mesquite Management in the Rangelands of Western Australia

Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee Inc.


Taking 'Active Awareness' to the Regions

Blackwood Basin Group Inc.


Protecting Critical Habitat for the Endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo

Birds Australia Western Australia Inc.


Rangelands Restoration - Restoring Native Mammal Diversity and Vegetation Condition in the Arid Zone Rangelands.

Department of Environment and Conservation


Gouldian Finch Conservation through Indigenous Fire Management in East Kimberley

Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation


Integrated Weed Management of Riparian Areas of the Kimberley

Ord Land and Water Incorporated


A Strategic Regional Conservation Plan for Australia’s Global Biodiversity Hotspot

World Wide Fund for Nature Australia


Project Title Group Funding

Increasing Precision Agricultural Awareness and Adoption in South East South Australia

Mackillop Farm Management Group Inc


Project Title Group Funding

Threatened Flora Recovery on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands

Department for Environment and Heritage


Improving Natural Resource Management Outcomes in the Rangelands by Strategically Removing Feral Goats

South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board


Managing and Controlling High-Risk Pest Plants on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board


Mount Lofty Ranges Watershed Water Quality Improvement Plan Community Engagement

Environment Protection Authority


Wildeyre - Collaborative, Landscape-Scale, Biodiversity Conservation on the Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board


Arid Recovery: Developing New Partnerships to Restore Our Arid Lands

Arid Recovery


Threatened Plant Action Group - Community Action to Recover South Australia's Threatened Flora

Nature Conservation Society of South Australia


the Middleback Alliance - a Regional Conservation Initiative

Ecological Horizons Pty Ltd


Involving Community in Conserving Threatened Species in the Angas River Catchment

Angas River Catchment Group


Caring For Country with Fire in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Inc


ForestrySA Multi-Region Strategic Area and Habitat Restoration Project

South Australian Forestry Corporation


Battling Boneseed in the Upper South East and Murray-Darling Basin of South Australia

South East Natural Resources Management Board


Priority Onground Works to Protect The Endangered Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-Wren (MLRSEW) and the Critically Endangered Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps

Conservation Council of South Australia Incorporated


Supporting Local Government in Natural Resource Management Delivery Across the Northern and Yorke Region

Central Local Government Region of South Australia Inc


Project Title Group Funding

Soil Biology - the Missing Link for Regenerative Production in Our Farming Systems

L.R Young & R.J Young


Adoption of Sustainable Water Management on Tasmanian Vegetable Farms

Rds Partners Pty Ltd


Protecting Tasmania's Sustainable Farming and Biodiversity Assets from Serrated Tussock Invasion

Tasmanian Land & Water Professionals Pty Ltd


Using Landscape Ecology to Prioritise Property Management Actions in Tasmania

Natural Resource Planning Pty Ltd


Project Title Group Funding

Control of  Wons Outliers in Cradle Coast NRM Region, Tasmania

Cradle Coast Authority


Soil Ecosystem Health Measures: An Interpretive Guide for Land Managers

Department of Primary Industries and Water


Threatened Species Protection through Implementation of Coordinated Riverine Management Activities

Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Association Inc.


Progressing Nationally Strategic Control of Boneseed And Asparagus Weeds (WONS) in Southern Tasmania

Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority


Platypus Disease Assessment and Conservation in Tasmania

Department of Primary Industries and Water


Project Title Group Funding

Scoping Future Scenarios and Building Innovative Partnerships for Northern Territory Pastoral Lands

Northern Territory Cattleman's Association


Integration of Fire, Feral and Weed Management to Enhance Grazing Productivity, Top End Floodplains

Northern Territory Cattleman's Association


Land Type Specific Sustainable Practice Guidelines for NT Pastoral Lands

Northern Territory of Australia


Asset Protection Decision Support Tools for Pastoralists in Semi-Arid Landscapes.

Barkly Landcare and Conservation Association Inc


Project Title Group Funding

Building Capacity to Establish a Parkinsonia Dieback Biological Control Model

Victoria River District Conservation Association Incorporated


Healthy Pastures - Native Grasses and Fodder Trees in Production Systems

Greening Australia (NT) Ltd.


Zero Toads - Community Control of Invasive Cane Toads in Darwin

Darwin City Council


Conserving Turtles in Arnhem Land by Managing an Exotic Species

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation


Biodiversity Conservation Values and Management for Northern Territory Islands

Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources Environment and The Arts


Managing the Cane Toad Menace in Tropical Savannas

Riyala Assn Inc


Implementing Priority Recovery Actions for the Bilby and Other Key Threatened Species

Central Land Council


Northern Territory off Reserve Sustainable Country Initiative - Building on the NRS

Northern Territory of Australia


Project Title Group Funding

Molonglo River Rescue

Territory and Municipal Services


Ecosystems = Murray Mouth to Mountains Climate Change Corridors (E+M3C3)

Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority


Commonwealth of Australia