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The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

Greener neighbourhoods a click away

Media release
2 September 2008

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A new interactive web portal, launched today by Environment Minister Peter Garrett, will provide urban developers with valuable information, including fact sheets and national and international case studies, on the creation of greener neighbourhoods.

Your Development, produced in partnership with the CSIRO, will help shape more sustainable neighbourhoods across the country, delivering expert and up-to-date advice for private and public developers, government agencies, designers, planners and builders.

Your Development is a unique opportunity for the urban development industry to share best practice ideas about the creation of more sustainable neighbourhoods and get access to information on topics ranging from water and energy efficiency to climate change adaptation and site ecology.

On World Environment Day this year, I released a report on residential energy use which estimates a substantial increase in the number of occupied residential households in the period 1990 to 2020 and a 56 per cent increase in energy use in this sector over the same period.

Better planning and the smarter use of our natural resources in the design of our neighbourhoods can significantly reduce their overall environmental impact, and Your Development will help ensure that cost-effective energy and water saving designs are built-in from the outset.

This is a particularly exciting project because it encourages us to take a step back from the scale of single households and understand the benefits of energy and water efficiency for whole communities.

The website contains more than 60 fact sheets available as free downloads, providing information on all stages of the development process, from planning and design through to construction.

Mr Garrett said the launch of the website came as the Government continued national roundtables on practical solutions for households to reduce their energy use, save on energy bills and make a real contribution to tackling climate change, ahead of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) White Paper.

Later this week in Canberra I will hold the eighth and final meeting in a series of roundtable discussions I have been having across the country with key energy efficiency stakeholders, including industry and experts.

The messages coming through loud and clear from these meetings so far is that there are plenty of cost-effective options already available to householders, landlords and businesses alike to reduce carbon pollution.

These roundtable discussions are helping identify the obstacles that currently exist to the uptake of efficiency improvements, along with possible solutions.

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