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Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

28 November 2006

Clean coal test for Beazley

The decision by the NSW Land and Environment Court to block Centennial Coal’s Anvil Hill project based on its potential greenhouse gas emissions has major ramifications for Federal Labor Leader Kim Beazley.

In the Senate this week Kim Beazley’s Labor Party will attempt to insert into federal environment law an anti-coal amendment which would put at risk all coal mines and industry akin to the treatment of the Anvil Hill mine this week in the NSW courts.

Kim Beazley and the Labor Party voted for this anti-coal amendment in the House of Representatives less than a month ago.

The International Energy Agency has confirmed that fossil fuels will still be providing 80% of the world’s energy in 2030. It is absolutely vital that Australia and the world develop clean coal technology. This cannot be achieved by blocking new coal mines. If you aren’t serious about clean coal you aren’t serious about climate change.

This evidence suggests the Australian Labor Party does not believe coal has a future in this country;

Why are all these Labor politicians attacking Australia’s coal industry?

The answer is that Kim Beazley has had nothing to say in support of coal. He has another chance this week to vote to put Australia’s interests first and abandon his cheap headline grabbing political games when the anti-coal trigger amendment is voted on in the Senate. If Kim Beazley does not change the Labor party vote on the ‘greenhouse trigger’ he is effectively voting against Anvil Hill and Australia’s coal industry.

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