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Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

16 August 2006

Two down, four to go - WA and Qld dump Labor's carbon tax scheme

Less than 10 hours old and the State’s much vaunted emissions trading scheme has been debunked by the two most prosperous states in Australia.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie could not have been more dismissive of Labor’s new carbon tax scheme when he said:

“I refuse to support projects which sound good, but deliver bugger all.”

(Premier Beattie, ABC TV News, 16 August 2006)

Earlier in the day, and less than an hour after the project was launched to great fanfare in New South Wales, Western Australian Premier Alan Carpenter rubbished the scheme saying he:

“…would not commit Western Australia to any form of national greenhouse gas emissions trading until there was more evidence that WA interests would not be adversely affected.”

(Premier Carpenter media release, 16 August 2006)

This emissions trading scheme is nothing more than a carbon tax which will cost every household in Australia.

This project of the less prosperous Labor states to have resource-rich Western Australia and Queensland fund their parlous economies is style over substance.

It will provide not one climate change dividend and will dramatically increase power bills for Australian families and businesses.

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