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Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

13 November 2006

WA's Carpenter Government all at sea on climate change

The WA Government is hopelessly out of its depth on the important issues of climate change, carbon trading and international efforts to fight greenhouse.

Environment Minister Mark McGowan on morning radio today accused the Commonwealth of not introducing an emissions trading scheme as proposed by his state colleagues.

“Minister McGowan has clearly forgotten that his own Premier rubbished this very scheme less than an hour after it was launched to great fanfare in NSW, claiming his state would have nothing to do with it”, Australia Government Minister for Environment and Heritage Senator Ian Campbell said.

“I would also want assurances that any trading scheme would not adversely impact the state’s capacity to rely on energy sources such as coal”.
(Alan Carpenter press release, 16/8/06)

The Australian Government has consistently said that it would support an emissions trading scheme as long as it was comprehensive and international.

While the WA Government works out where it sits on climate change, the Australian Government is getting on with the job.

The Australian Government has committed $2 billion to real climate change action, including funding to support technological developments to reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia also played a key role in establishing the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate – a partnership which includes countries such as China, the United States and India and represents about half of the world’s emissions, energy use, GDP and population.

At this week’s UN climate change conference Australia will chair discussions on the long-term future action on climate change – a key forum for discussing what comes after the old Kyoto.

If Mr McGowan’s breathtakingly unaware commentary this morning is what passes for policy in the Carpenter Government, it has been left wanting by a state Environment Minister out of his depth on these critical issues.

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