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Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

12 October 2006

Labor ridicules those who seek to save our whales

Kim Beazley's Labor party has today ridiculed Australia's efforts to protect and preserve whales and ridiculed all those Australians who have stood behind their government's strong stance on whaling.

Northern Territory Labor Senator Trish Crossin today attacked the Australian Government's international leadership on whaling claiming that the "Minister (for the environment) thinks he can save the whales by wearing a scrap of blue plastic on his wrist".

"90,000 Australians are wearing the wristbands to show their concern for the plight of the planet's whales 90,000 Australians who Labor is happy to ridicule", the Minister for the Environment Senator Ian Campbell said.

"Senator Crossin's outburst today, presumably with the compliance of Labor leader Kim Beazley and Labor Environment Spokesman Anthony Albanese, not content to ridicule ordinary Australians, also ridicules those sitting Labor members who have ordered saveourwhales wrist bands by the boxful on behalf of their constituents. These include:

Labor is clearly out of step with the tens of thousands of Australians who support the Australian Governments international campaign against pro-whaling countries who seek to return to the wholesale slaughter of cetaceans.

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