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Joint Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell
Australian Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation
Senator the Hon. Ian Macdonald

9 December 2005

Envirofund boosts Queensland’s drought recovery

Communities in drought-affected areas in Queensland are being helped to rebuild their land and their lives with nearly $7 million from the Australian Government’s Envirofund.

Details of successful applications for the 2005 Drought Recovery Envirofund were announced today by the Australian Government Ministers for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, and Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation, Senator Ian Macdonald.

"Rain may have brought relief, but the corrosive effect of the drought still remains for many Queenslanders," Senator Macdonald said.

"This funding for 325 community-based projects in the State will help people recover from the drought and manage their land to reduce the impacts of future dry spells.

"We received an unprecedented demand for grants from across the country and in response, doubled the funding originally set aside from $10 million to $20 million. This means that we have been able to approve 1,145 applications nationally."

Senator Macdonald said the effects of the Envirofund projects extended beyond their immediate location. "One project which will build fences to keep stock away from a creek on a property near Rockhampton will help protect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park from the impact of drought, by improving the environment of the stream and its surrounds," he said.

"Other work which will be carried out with the help of Envirofund grants includes eradicating invasive woody weeds like acacia and parkinsonia, controlling feral animals, establishing temporary feedlots and watering areas to spell paddocks and planting native seedlings to control erosion"

Envirofund is the community-focused component of the Australian Government’s $3 billion Natural Heritage Trust.

The next standard Envirofund round will open in February 2006.

Some examples of Queensland projects are attached.

For details of all projects go to

Media contacts:
Renae Stoikos (Minister Campbell) 02 6277 7640 or 0418 568 434
David Crisafulli (Minister Macdonald) 07 4771 3066 or 0400 144 483

Round 7 Australian Government Envirofund

Queensland project examples

Additional Watering Points and Fencing to Allow Controlled Grazing on Belcong Station $45,000

This project on Belcong near Capella north of Emerald in Central Queensland will construct 22km of stock exclusion fencing and install off stream stock watering points using erosion control gully plug methods, to protect the Belcong and Tipperary Creek systems as well as sensitive soil types and remnant vegetation.

Establishing and Sustaining Vegetation on the Myall Creek Floodplain Dalby $43,986

This project will construct 12.5km of stock exclusion fencing and install off stream stock watering points with stock shelters to protect Myall Creek near Dalby in the Darling Downs. It will remove 130ha of invasive vegetation, convert a degraded area currently under cultivation to grassland and plant 500 native seedlings for erosion control.

Repairing Degraded Riparian and Remnant Ecosystems on Hillview Station $43,909

The impact of drought and grazing on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, will be reduced as a result of this project at Hillview near Rockhampton which is only 20km from the Park. It will protect 3,140ha of remnant vegetation, riparian corridors and productive grazing lands, by constructing 40km of stock exclusion fencing and installing off stream stock watering points along the Herbert and Paddock Creeks and around remnant vegetation and degraded areas. These activities will help protect the Reef from on-shore pollutants such as agricultural run-off.

Sustainable Grazing and Water Resource Management $4,537

Grazing pressure around a dam and associated riparian area at Eldorado near Hughenden will be reduced by this project which will provide two alternate watering sites, allowing heavily grazed areas to revegetate. This project will eradicate woody weeds such as acacia and parkinsonia, which are present around the creek and dam. It also involves measures to control feral animals such as foxes and cats.

Soil Conservation Activities and Riparian Management $15,165

This project will involve constructing 3km of stock exclusion fencing, installing off stream stock watering points and constructing 3km of contour banks on a dairy farm, near Cambooya in the Darling Downs. This will improve and protect the water quality of a tributary of the Condamine River.

Relocation of Water Points Away from Eroded Gully Area on Hillgrove Station $15,630

This project will fence a length of Eurella Creek on Hillgrove to prevent stock access and install offstream stock watering points and will also construct 3km of fencing to enable paddocks to be spelled.

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