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Minister for the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts 2001-2004

The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP



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Media Release
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP
Minister for the Environment and Heritage

20 April 2004

Port Arthur national heritage nomination

The Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, today met with the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority to formally accept the nomination of the Port Arthur historic site for the National Heritage List.

“I am very pleased that the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority is actively contributing to our national search for the outstanding national places that best tell the Australian story by lodging a formal nomination to the National Heritage List,” Dr Kemp said.

“Port Arthur will be the 17th place nominated by Australians and the first convict site since the National Heritage List was established in January this year.

“I will be referring the Port Arthur nomination to my independent advisory body, the Australian Heritage Council, for their assessment of the national heritage values.

“The Council will have 12 months to assess the place against stringent criteria before making a recommendation to me on whether Port Arthur should be included on the National Heritage List.”

National listing will be an essential prelude to World Heritage nomination for Australia's outstanding convict sites.

“I am keen to see Port Arthur nominated for world heritage as soon as possible as the centerpiece of a serial nomination of convict sites.” Dr Kemp said.

“Places that will be listed will become the visible record of the natural wonders, Indigenous sites and historic achievements that have moulded our national identity and provided us with that unifying sense of what it is to be Australian,” Dr Kemp said.

Among other nominations so far include the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, the Lark Quarry Dinosaur Tracks in Queensland and Mawsons Hut in Antarctica.

“So important are these places that they will be protected and managed to the highest levels under Commonwealth legislation through the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act .

“I encourage all Australians to become involved in nominating the truly outstanding places that help define who we are.”

For more information on the National Heritage List and nominations, visit .

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