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Minister for the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts 2001-2004

The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP



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Joint Media Release
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP
Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Kerry Bartlett, MP
Federal Member for Macquarie

14 April 2004

$14.8 million for Hawkesbury Nepean region

Key natural features of the Hawkesbury Nepean region will be restored and protected through threatened species protection, voluntary conservation agreements on private land, streambank rehabilitation and strategic weed and pest animal control thanks to $14.8 million in Australian Government funding.

The $14.8 million, from the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust, was announced today by Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, while visiting the region and with Federal Member for Macquarie, Kerry Bartlett.

Dr Kemp said the funds included $1.9 million in funding for urgent actions in the Hawkesbury Nepean for 2003-2004, and $12.9 million over the following three years to implement key projects identified in the Hawkesbury Nepean natural resource management plans (the Warragamba Catchment Blueprint and the Hawkesbury Lower Nepean Catchment Blueprint).

“This investment will restore and protect the Hawkesbury Nepean region's greatest assets, including the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area, and one of Australia's most important waterways - the Hawkesbury River,” he said.

“The funds will support the identification and management of threatened aquatic species, such as the Macquarie Perch and Emerald Dragonfly, and the Hawkesbury Lower Nepean Riverbank Management Program - Extension to Brooklyn, which works with landholders to restore riverbanks and riparian vegetation.

“Other projects include the ‘Threatened Species in the Blue Mountains' project which will activate recovery plans for such species as the Blue Mountains Water Skink and the Purple Copper Butterfly, and the Hawkesbury Lower Nepean Weeds Strategy which will help control 10 priority weeds and maintain 10ha of significant vegetation.”

Mr Bartlett said the region's natural resources underpin significant economic activity. Agriculture in the region is worth about one billion dollars per annum, supplying fresh vegetables, flowers, and fruit to Sydney markets and the majority of NSW egg and poultry meat supplies.

“The region also boasts NSW's second largest oyster and prawn producing areas, supplies much of Sydney's water, and supports extensive horse breeding and turf industries," he said.

“This funding will help achieve long term access to and use of critical natural resources of the region.

“The Australian Government funding will contribute significantly to the achievement of catchment targets including all land use incorporating sustainable best practice, no increase in the cumulative impact of development, and an improvement in the condition of riverbank corridors.”

Dr Kemp said the $1.9 million commitment is in addition to nearly $2.4 million already approved for Priority Actions, bringing the total investment through the Natural Heritage Trust in the Hawkesbury Nepean region to around $4.3 million this year.

A breakdown of funding is attached. For more information on funded projects contact Mia Thurgate (Australian Government Natural Resource Management Team) on 02 6274 1633.

Priority projects funded under the Natural Heritage Trust 2003-04

Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority Area



Threatened Species in the Blue Mountains
This program undertakes community awareness and involvement in recovery actions for the Blue Mountains Water Skink, Epacris hamiltonii, Eucalyptus copulans , Phebalium lachnaeoides , Purple Copper Butterfly and Microstrobos fitzgeraldii .
Hawkesbury Lower Nepean Riverbank Management Program – Extension to Brooklyn
This program extends the successful Hawkesbury-Nepean Riverbank Management Program from Windsor to Brooklyn and the Colo River. It works with landholders to restore riverbanks and riparian vegetation
Warragamba Riparian Biodiversity: extension to Capertee and Wolgan Valleys
This project extends the work with landholders to restore riverbanks and riparian vegetation currently under way to broaden the scope in the Warragamba catchment and include the Wolgan and Capertee Valleys.
Water Information System for the Environment (WISE) Stage 2
This project builds on WISE stage 1 to complete the identification of publications for the entire catchment. It will compile a comprehensive overview of rivers, creeks and wetlands including audio, video and photographs. Workshop will be held with key stakeholders including Aboriginal communities to determine key aspects for the catchment overview. A CD-ROM will be produced and linked to a web-site.
Identification and Management of Threatened Aquatic Species
This project contributes the development of the National Recovery Pan for Macquarie Perch by ascertaining the current distribution of Macquarie Perch in the catchment and identifying significant habitats. It also contributes to the development of a Recovery Plan for Adam's Emerald Dragonfly. This project will also undertake half of the required on-ground survey work.
Biodiversity and Conservation Corridor Mapping
This project will provide consistent biodiversity mapping across the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment. It will fill in gaps build on existing mapping undertaking additional work so that current issues with quality and scale are overcome providing a consistent map set for the identification of priorities for conservation management in the Hawkesbury-Nepean.
Hawkesbury Lower Nepean Weeds Strategy
This project will develop an integrated weed control strategy for the Hawkesbury Lower Nepean, incorporating investment options. This work will complement the work done for the Warragamba catchment.
Pest Animal Control in the Warragamba
This project will complete the project partly funded as an interim priority project. It will fund the control of pest animals identified in previous surveys.
Spatial Data-base Pilot: Warragamba
The development of a spatial database to link works undertaken on the ground with priorities for action.
Moss Vale Community Support Officer $21,000
Peri-urban Community Support Officer
Continues Landcare support for urban and semi-urban communities
Goulburn Community Support Officer $63,000
Lithgow Community Support Officer $63,000
Regional Landcare Awareness and Training Program $31,000
Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Framework
Establishment of a framework to support the monitoring of the targets and actions in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Blueprints.
Indigenous Community Support including community support officer
Continues Landcare support targeted to the Aboriginal community and provides resources to support the implementation of projects and build community capacity
Indigenous Cultural Mapping
Undertakes cultural mapping with Aboriginal communities in 2 project locations where there is scope for consultation and there is an immediate purpose against which to test the ability of the mapping to be smoothly integrated into planning processes.
TOTAL $1,900,000
Commonwealth of Australia