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Media Release
Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

4 October 2004

Drugs and taxes - the Greens'/ALP agenda?

Bob Brown has supported Mark Latham's push for higher taxes.

On Meet the Press yesterday Mr Brown said:

"I see Mark Latham getting a rollicking in some of the Sunday press because he won't commit to not increasing taxes in the future. And I think that's responsible."

Mark Latham has already committed to increasing 13 taxes raising more than $4.5 billion if he wins government.

Yesterday Mr Brown said: "Australians are paying the right amount of tax." But then he let the cat out of the bag saying: "But there should be taxes on people who are extremely wealthy and there's other forms of taxes which could apply."

What Mr Brown wants to do is go further and introduce a raft of taxes as outlined in his platform such as:

On the issues of drugs Mr Brown confirmed that the Greens would be a soft touch by preferencing the Hemp Party on the Queensland Senate ticket including Mr Freemarijuana ahead of any other party.

Mr Brown's platform specifically states that the Greens will work to initiate and support:

Mr Brown and the Greens want to introduce new taxes and are supportive of Mark Latham's tax hike push.

Further they are soft on drugs.

Mr Brown has already preferenced Free Marijuana ahead of any other Party and in 30 of Australia's most marginal seats they have preferenced the Labor Party ahead of the Coalition.

This raises the question, in light of the Greens' support in opinion polls and their preference deals with the Labor Party, just what concessions the Labor Party would make in the eventuality of a minority Labor Government?

After all the possibility has been flagged by ALP frontbencher Lindsay Tanner who said on September 1: "We might have the Greens with the balance of power in the House of representatives, and in order to form government Labor might have to dos some of the mad things they want."

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