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Media Release
Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP

15 May 2003

Ring, Ring - Why Don't You Give Them a Call?

Last year, Simon Crean promised in his Budget reply speech that Labor would end landclearing.
I challenged him to pick up the phone to the Labor State Premiers who are the ones issuing clearing permits.
One year later - those calls have still not been made.
All talk, no action.

This year Simon Crean promised Labor would tackle salinity.
Simon, if you want to see the Howard Government's $1.4 billion action plan on salinity work, then pick up the phone to WA's Labor Premier and beg him to sign up. The money cannot flow until he does.
You have not yet made that call.
All talk, no action.

This year Simon Crean promises Labor will fix the Murray Darling by returning more water to the river, with no plan for where that water is coming from, no plan for compensation, no consultation.
Labor State ministers are working with the Howard Government to deliver on the Living Murray plan to return significant environmental flows to the Murray. The consultation process is underway, the science is underway and Ministers last Friday asked the Murray Darling Basin Commission to present a detailed plan to them for November.

Labor State Premiers should get on the phone to Simon Crean to tell him the process is well underway and ask him not to derail it.
Again - Simon Crean is all talk, no action.

Simon Crean promises to tackle climate change by ratifying Kyoto.
Simon, Labor Premiers Peter Beattie and Geoff Gallup acknowledge this will cost jobs in their states and oppose immediate ratification.

Climate change requires funding and innovative policy solutions. All you offer is ratification of a treaty that will cost Australian jobs.
All talk, no real action.

Don't you ever talk to your Labor State colleagues?
You should try it some time, Simon. Perhaps you could pick up some tips on how to win.

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