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Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP

ABC 7ZR Hobart
Thursday 16 May 2002

Subject: Tasmanian World Heritage Funding



And now joining me from Canberra, Dr David Kemp. Your response please.

Dr Kemp:

Well it's a very confused statement from David Crean. Tasmania is still being treated in an exceptional and very favourable way with the $4.3 million that has been given directly to Tasmania for its World Heritage. No other state is receiving money of that kind and, in addition to that of course - behind that - stands the $1 billion in additional money for the second stage of the Natural Heritage Trust. And if the Tasmanian Government chooses to give priority to its World Heritage areas then it can access further funds.

So that statement by David Crean is completely misleading.

The other thing that I would say is that there has been a suspicion for some time that the Tasmanian Government has been using Commonwealth funds for World Heritage for its own departmental expenses. I noticed that comment was made by Peg Putt yesterday. That's not what the money is for.

The money is to fund World Heritage, to make sure that Tasmanian World Heritage is maintained in first class condition, can attract tourists to Tasmania and bring income to Tasmania. It's not there to fund Tasmanian bureaucracy and if there is cost shifting going on then that's something that David Crean is going to have to address.


Dr Kemp thank you for taking our call.

Dr Kemp:

Thank you very much.


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