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Joint Media Release
Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP
Western Australian Minister for
Planning and Infrastructure
Alannah MacTiernan MLA

6 December 2001


Coastwest/Coastcare environmental volunteers received a $1,045,667 boost today for 52 coastal and marine protection projects.

These funds are part of 300 grants totalling around $4.3 million for Coastcare projects nationally in 2001-2002.

Federal Environment and Heritage Minister Dr David Kemp and Western Australia's Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said the support backs efforts by local communities committed to protecting Western Australia's marine and coastal environment.

The Ministers' announcement marks Coastcare Week. Its theme Afloat and Aware focuses on sensitive small boating and fishing practices and marine pollution awareness.

Dr Kemp said the Coastcare program was one of the many continuing success stories of the $2.5 billion Natural Heritage Trust. "Coastcare is a great example of Federal, State and Territory Governments working cooperatively to maintain the beauty of much of our coastline and to tackle the problems posed by pollution, introduced marine pests and the impacts of recreational and commercial use.

"Since the Trust began 1996, more than 60,000 people and nearly 2000 community groups have tackled a range of projects including weed removal, dune and headland protection, wetland restoration, the construction of boardwalks and viewing platforms, cultural awareness and marine and intertidal zone awareness. Coastcare estimates that volunteers working on these projects have built around 186 kilometres of fencing and 67 kilometres of paths, cleared 1500 hectares of weeds and planted 610,000 plants."

Dr Kemp said the quality and scope of projects funded today is a strong sign that the community understands the merit of environmental protection through partnerships.

"The Natural Heritage Trust, under which Coastcare is funded, recognises the value of collaboration in tackling environmental problems at their source," Dr Kemp said.

"We are delighted to announce successful projects including a $26,304 grant to Urala Station. Funding will be used to continue the implementation of a management strategy addressing fire, revegetation and natural rehabilitation, strategic location of stock, watering points, weed and feral animal control and maintained sustainable public access/usage. The coastline is arid and remote and is of ecological importance due to migratory bird sites, green turtle nesting areas and a banana prawn hatchery.

"With $6600 the Mosman Park Primary School/Beehive Montessori will rehabilitate sections of the dune and cliffs at Mosman Beach which are degraded due to infestation of non native species and trampling by pedestrians and beach users. This will provide controlled and safe access to the beach, while increasing the awareness of coastal rehabilitation to the children of Mosman Park.

"The Leschenault Community Nursery has received $20,364 to rehabilitate degraded foreshore reserves to help increase biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife. The area has lost approximately three-quarters of total estuarine vegetation over the last 50 years, which has reduced the amount of food and shelter for nursery fish stocks and coastal birds and the effectiveness of nutrient stripping vegetation buffers, and made areas around the estuary more susceptible to erosion. The project will focus on restoring foreshore vegetation, stabilising banks, removing rubbish and replanting mangroves.

"Southern Edge Arts will use $15,000 to establish an educational seal trail performance and workshop as an educational tool for children aged 8 to 16. The coastline of the Great Southern Region is home to many seal colonies, which are exposed to threats such as public interaction and increased recreational and commercial fishing. Southern Edge will increase the awareness and importance of these seal colonies to the youth.

"The end result of all these projects will be the continued health of Western Australia's coastal and marine environment," Dr Kemp said.

"I congratulate all Coastwest/Coastcare volunteers for their vital contribution towards ensuring the future of our coasts for generations to come," Ms MacTiernan said.

"Local environmental problems such as dune erosion, weed invasion and the spread of feral animals are being overcome with help from Federal and State Government funding. By improving beach access, erecting fences, removing weeds and raising awareness about our marine and coastal environment, our volunteers are helping to preserve our beautiful coastline.

"Over the past five years, 363 projects in Western Australia have been supported by Coastwest/Coastcare. This adds up to over $6.5 million in funding and tens of thousands of volunteer hours to help protect and care for our coast.

"New projects funded today will build on the past achievements of Coastwest/Coastcare environmental repair work."

Coastwest/Coastcare is implemented as a partnership between the Commonwealth, Western Australian and Local governments. Commonwealth funding is provided through the Natural Heritage Trust's Coasts and Clean Seas initiative and is matched by the Western Australian Government through its Coast West funding program. Successful applicants and local management agencies also contribute to the cost of projects and provide in-kind assistance.

A list of Western Australian funded projects is attached. Further details on projects in your local area can be obtained from the Western Australian Coastwest/Coastcare coordinator, Martin Heller on 08 9264 7834 at the Department for Planning and Infrastructure.

6 December 2001

Media enquiries:
Catherine Job (Dr Kemp's office) (02) 6277 7640 or 0408 648 400
Steve Keogh (Minister MacTiernan's office) (08) 9213 6400 or 0409 592 138

Download the Project List

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