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Taking Tasmania's wild beauty to the world

Media release
3 October 2012

The wild natural beauty of Tasmania's coastline, forests and mighty rivers will be promoted to the world as Australia's fifteenth National Landscape, underpinned by the stories of its people, places and heritage.

Tourism Minister, Martin Ferguson AM MP, and Environment Minister, Tony Burke MP, joined tour operators today to launch Tasmania's national landscape - 'Tasmania's Island Heritage'.

Minister Ferguson said it was fitting Tasmania should join such iconic landscapes as the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian Alps and Kangaroo Island in the National Landscapes Program.

"Tasmania is renowned around the world for its natural beauty, unique wildlife and world class tourist experiences," said Minister Ferguson.

"Increased exposure as a National Landscape will assist the island in continuing to attract domestic and international visitors who seek increasingly sophisticated connections with history, nature and culture.

"Offering white secluded beaches, dense rainforest, cavernous gorges, mighty rivers and a thriving boutique food and wine industry, Tasmania has a far-reaching visitor presence."

Environment Minister, Tony Burke, said over 40 per cent of Tasmania's habitat is protected, providing world-class opportunities for visitors to engage with nature.

"Few places are as beautiful, wild and awe-inspiring as those we find in Tasmania, including the Franklin River, which is part of the majestic Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, protected for all people to experience," Mr Burke said.

"The diversity of Tasmania's landscapes has created a treasure-trove of species including the mountain ash the world's tallest flowering tree to the iconic Tasmanian devil.

"No matter how much money any country invests in built attractions, nothing can compare with our natural assets which are some of most spectacular on earth.

"Eco-tourism is a wonderful way to preserve these environments, instilling in visitors an emotional connection with the landscape and a passion for its preservation. These visitors go home with a renewed sense of what Australia has to offer, and pass this message on to their friends and social networks.

"Nature is the primary driver attracting overseas visitors to Australia. The creation of these fifteen iconic National Landscapes is central in assisting international travellers to explore our vast and fascinating country and support a strong tourism sector."

The National Landscapes program is a partnership between Tourism Australia and Parks Australia showcasing Australia's most iconic landscapes.

Tasmania joins 14 other regions as National Landscapes, including Australia's Red Centre, the Kimberley and the Wet Tropics.

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