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Tony Abbott's weekend assignment

Media release
13 April 2012

There are only four days to go until the end of the public consultation period - Tony Abbott now has some weekend home work to do.

This weekend Mr Abbott has an assignment.

This weekend Mr Abbott will have to decide where he stands on water reform.

On Monday the public consultation period for the Murray Darling Basin ends and a final Plan will be prepared.

Mr Abbott has been telling people who want less water for the environment not to worry because he won't support a bad plan and then tells those who want more water returned to the rivers to not worry because he'll only support a good plan.

So far no one has a clue what Tony Abbott's cute political tactic actually means other than making sure that no matter what the final plan looks like, he has an excuse to vote no.

The Murray Darling basin is too important for these games. If his support is conditional he can't keep the conditions secret.

Last night, I heard from South Australians about how important it is that we deliver a national plan that restores our rivers to health.

The worst result for the Basin is for there to be no national plan.

Labor has committed to supporting the plan in Parliament. Labor will be supporting a Plan that restores our rivers to health, delivers strong regional communities and sustainable food production.

It is time for the Coalition to do the same.