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Deadline extended for West Kimberley National Heritage decision

Media release
9 June 2011

Environment Minister Tony Burke has extended the deadline for a decision about National Heritage listing of the west Kimberley until the end of August to allow further community consultation and further consideration of whether the proposed heritage values are sufficiently comprehensive.

The Australian Heritage Council has received further information as part of its assessment and consultation process and the final boundary recommended by the Council differs from the earlier one.

The recommended boundary now includes the intertidal zone of the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula for heritage values associated with dinosaur tracks and other fossils.

Due to these changes some landholders who are now included within the recommended boundary were not consulted in the initial consultation period.

"The Kimberley and its coastline are one of the most magnificent areas in Australia and I know there is a great deal of public interest in the listing of the Kimberley region on the National Heritage List," Mr Burke said.

"The west Kimberley assessment has been the largest and most complex assessment ever undertaken by the Australian Heritage Council and it is important that all information is carefully considered.

"I am extending the deadline to ensure that land users affected by a change in the proposed heritage boundary will be provided with an opportunity to have a say.

"Extending the deadline gives time for key stakeholders, including individual owners and occupiers and Indigenous groups, to have their say."

For further information about the West Kimberley National Heritage listing, including the proposed boundary visit