Queensland managed fisheries

The implementation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) allows the Australian Government to assess the environmental performance of fisheries and promote ecologically sustainable management.

An independent assessment of all export and all Australian Government managed fisheries is required. These assessments ensure that, over time, fisheries are managed in an ecologically sustainable way.

Fishery assessments under the EPBC Act

Queensland managed fisheries
Fishery assessments Fishery export
approval expires
Blue Swimmer Crab Fishery 12/10/2018
Commercial Crayfish and Rocklobster Fishery
(formerly East Coast Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery)
Coral Fishery 22/06/2018
Coral Reef Fin Fish Fishery 06/05/2016
Deep Water Fin Fish Fishery 26/04/2013
Developmental Jellyfish Fishery Expired
Developmental Slipper Lobster Fishery Expired
East Coast Inshore Fin Fish Fishery 05/03/2016
East Coast Otter Trawl Fishery 25/11/2016
East Coast Pearl 28/08/2025
East Coast Spanish Mackerel Fishery 14/07/2017
East Coast Trochus Fishery 28/08/2025
Eel Fishery 28/08/2025
Fin Fish (Stout Whiting) Trawl Fishery 16/02/2016
Gulf of Carpentaria Developmental Fin Fish Trawl Fishery 25/11/2016
Gulf of Carpentaria Inshore Fin Fish Fishery 07/09/2017
Gulf of Carpentaria Line Fishery 24/11/2016
Marine Aquarium Fish Fishery 17/11/2017
Marine Specimen Shell Fishery Not exporting
Moreton Bay Beche-de-mer Fishery Expired
Mud Crab Fishery 12/10/2018
River and Inshore Beam Trawl Fishery 19/02/2016
Rocky Reef Fin Fish Fishery 26/04/2013
Sea Cucumber Fishery (East Coast)
(formerly East Coast Beche-de-mer Fishery)
Queensland Schulz Fisheries Pty Ltd  
Spanner Crab Fishery 28/08/2025