National Farmers' Federation Environment liaison officer

The department recognises the important role farmers, agricultural organisations and natural resource managers play in protecting our environment.

Based at the National Farmers' Federation in Canberra, an environment liaison officer regularly travels around Australia supporting the agricultural sector wherever it is needed.

The environment liaison officer, Jol Taber, is also available to help with any issue relating to national environment law. The role is designed to:

  • help farmers, agricultural organisations and natural resources managers understand and deal with any issues under the national environment law
  • give advice and presentations on how national environment law applies and relates to those in the agricultural sector
  • help communication between the department and the National Farmers' Federation, farm organisations and farmers throughout Australia.
  • promote departmental programs at agricultural field days, conferences and other natural resource management events.

About the environment liaison officer

Jol has worked with the federal environment department for the past six years on issues relating to and raising awareness of the national environment law — the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999.

Having grown up on the land and worked the family farm for many years, Jol brings to the role an understanding of issues affecting farmers. He has worked on numerous farming enterprises in New South Wales and completed an Associate Diploma of Farm Management at Orange Agricultural College (now Charles Sturt University).

These experiences have fuelled his passion to protect and conserve the environment and its natural resources.

Determined to stay true to his roots, Jol currently owns a fine wool merino farm north of Yass, which he runs with his father. His plan is to build a house on the property where he can settle with his family.

More Information


Jol is available to help with any questions or uncertainties faced by those working in the agricultural sector. He is happy to take your calls or respond to your emails

Jol can be contacted on: