Green Army Projects


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The Minister for the Environment has announced 397 new Green Army projects.

Submit a Green Army Project idea

Community organisations, Landcare groups, natural resource management organisations, environment groups, Indigenous organisations, local councils and others can apply to host a Green Army project. Projects must have a clear environment or heritage conservation focus and offer participants valuable practical experience, while supporting a safe work environment.

Each year the Australian Government will call for project ideas through project selection rounds. Applicants of successful project ideas become Green Army Project Hosts.

What’s in it for me?

  • You can nominate projects that benefit the environment as well as your local community.
  • You’ll receive a team of up to nine participants and a qualified team supervisor, who will support your project for up to 30 hours each per week.
  • The team can carry out activities such as revegetation, habitat protection, weed control, cleaning up creeks and rivers and conserving national or Indigenous heritage places.
  • The Green Army Programme covers costs associated with the team including:
    • participant allowances
    • supervisor wages
    • safety clothing and basic equipment
    • participant training
    • local transport costs
    • participant insurances.
  • Items such as seeds, chemicals, fencing materials and equipment (with an average value of $10,000 per project).

How is the programme delivered?

The Australian Government has engaged five Service Providers to help deliver the programme on the ground. They are responsible for recruiting participants and team supervisors, managing work health and safety, providing training, paying allowances and overseeing project management.

The Green Army programme covers the costs associated with the team through Service Providers and cash funding is not provided to Project Hosts.