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Nur-Run-Gee Pty Ltd

Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers

Contact details: Lennie Anderson OAM
Phone: 02 4920 1578, Mobile: 0431 334 365
Registered Training Organisation: No. Nur-Run-Gee has previously delivered accredited units through an association with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and is currently applying for RTO status.
Training provided in: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland and Torres Strait, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia

Training provided

Non-accredited training delivered
  • Principles of cultural heritage management (Burra Charter basics)
  • Setting up consultations about heritage with appropriate stakeholders
  • Legislation
  • Assessing significance
  • Management planning - process & key steps
  • Identifying management issues
  • Site recording and documentation
  • Recording oral history
  • Rock art conservation
  • Identifying and describing cultural materials
  • Monitoring cultural places
  • Mapping skills and techniques
  • Caring for cultural heritage objects and remains
  • Developing conservation and management strategies
  • Identifying and recording evidence of threats and deterioration
  • Using databases to manage cultural information
Other: Nur-Run-Gee adopts the cultural way of Aboriginal teaching by using the '9 Ways' of Aboriginal learning and relying on oral history. This approach has been used in several Indigenous classes at Hunter TAFE for nearly two years where classes have maintained over 98% attendance.

Training provided - Accredited courses

Training packageUnit title Unit code
Conservation & Land Management
- Certificate II
Record information about country AHCILM203A
Conservation & Land Management
- Certificate III
Propose appropriate use of traditional customs AHCILM301A
Provide appropriate information on cultural knowledge AHCILM302A
Conservation & Land Management
- Certificate IV
Implement land and sea management practices AHCLPW402A
Inspect and monitor cultural places AHCLPW403A
Protect places of cultural significance AHCILM401A
Record and document community history AHCILM404A
Report on place of potential cultural significance AHCILM402A
Manage restoration of cultural places AHCILM503A


Nur-Run-Gee Pty Ltd trainers are Aboriginal people.


The team's relevant qualifications and experience:

Other field staff delivering training are Aboriginal people trained and qualified as NSW NPWS Sites Officers.

Training experience

Nur-Run-Gee has delivered over 400 training packages to the Roads and Traffic Authority, Energy Australia, Hunter Water, Department of Defence, local Aboriginal land councils, local government and others in most facets of culture and heritage protection and management. The company provides a well rounded presentation, with most natural and cultural aspects covered. At times Nur-Run-Gee works in association with a Registered Training Organisation. The company has access to research areas for referencing.

Nur-Run-Gee is currently sub-contracted to the NSW Department of Education and TAFE and has community contacts in different areas of Australia and overseas. Lennie Anderson currently teaches Culture and Heritage at TAFE. Several staff are engaged in field activities in various parts of NSW, including for site surveys. Lennie Anderson has been involved in Aboriginal affairs for over 40 years in various positions and placements, including working as a Regional Aboriginal Liaison Officer for the NSW OEH, and participating in various committees. He has been involved in the development of a strategic cultural management plan for Stockton Bight, NSW, as a Traditional Owner. Chris Collison and Leanne Anderson have travelled overseas to lecture on Australian Indigenous/Aboriginal Strategic Cultural Plans of Management at international seminars.

Recent experience

Nur-Run-Gee Pty Ltd have delivered cultural heritage management training to an Indigenous group within the last 12 months (valid at April 2013).

PLEASE NOTE: The Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers is provided for information only. The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities does not endorse or recommend any listed training provider on the Register or warrant that any providers are suitable or appropriately qualified. Organisations should conduct their own procurement processes before choosing or engaging a trainer. Information on the Register is as provided by the listed training providers.

Please contact us if you wish to be included on the register, or if you or your organisation is included on the Register and you would like to update any details. Email: WorkingOnCountry@