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Dr Ruth Longdin

Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers

Contact details: Dr Ruth Longdin
Phone: 02 4782 7260
Registered Training Organisation: No
Training provided in: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales

Training provided

Non-accredited training delivered
  • Principles of cultural heritage management (Burra Charter basics)
  • Legislation
  • Management planning - process & key steps
  • Developing conservation and management strategies
  • Site recording and documentation
  • Recording oral history
  • Mapping skills and techniques
  • Caring for cultural heritage objects and remains
  • Setting up consultations about heritage with appropriate stakeholders
  • Assessing significance
  • Identifying management issues
  • Identifying and recording evidence of threats and deterioration
  • Identifying and describing cultural materials
  • Monitoring cultural places


Dr Longdin is experienced in delivering training to Indigenous people.


Dr Longdin's relevant qualifications and experience:

Training experience

Dr Ruth Longdin has 15 years experience working in a cross-cultural environment with Indigenous cultures, as well as many other diverse cultures. Her original training qualified her to teach Indigenous people, with a focus on the actual recording of heritage. Whilst Ruth has undertaken projects of this nature as a consultant, she feels more comfortable with the idea of Indigenous people undertaking their own cultural heritage management than having someone from outside the community doing it for them.

The last consultancy Ruth undertook for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) advocated the position of consulting with Indigenous communities as an ongoing process in the management of the parks, as opposed to solely documenting the sites of significance within the parks. She believes very strongly in working collaboratively with all communities, and this approach would influence how she taught Indigenous communities. She approaches each project differently depending on the needs of the communities involved, and can provide a more formal learning environment as well as flexible, less prescriptive approaches.

Ruth has had diverse teaching experience, having taught heritage to postgraduate planning students and also to children. While working with the ACT Heritage Unit she developed a teaching package for 15 year olds examining the lives of teenagers during the 1930s. Her experience has taught her the importance of people's cultural heritage to their sense of self and identity.

More recently Ruth has been collaborating with Aboriginal communities in developing histories for use by both the communities and the NSW NPWS in their plans of management in Central West NSW.

Recent experience

Dr Longdin has not delivered cultural heritage management training to an Indigenous group within the last 12 months (valid at July 2013).

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