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About the Register

Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers

The Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers has been developed under the Australian Government's Working on Country program as a resource for Indigenous land and sea managers who want to undertake training in cultural heritage management.

The Register lists providers of both:

  1. Non-accredited cultural heritage management training - short courses in cultural heritage management
  2. Accredited training courses - units that form part of a formal qualification, e.g. TAFE Certificate

The Register reflects responses from training providers to an expression of interest process run by the department and may not include all relevant training providers.

PLEASE NOTE: The Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers is provided for information only. The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities does not endorse or recommend any listed training provider on the Register or warrant that any providers are suitable or appropriately qualified. Organisations should conduct their own procurement processes before choosing or engaging a trainer. Information on the Register is as provided by the listed training providers.

Non-accredited courses

Training providers were asked to provide information about their expertise in the following cultural heritage management areas:

Accredited training courses

The Register provides information about the following training packages and units:

Training PackageUnit title Unit Code
Conservation & Land Management
- Certificate II
Maintain cultural placesAHCILM201A
Record information about countryAHCILM203A
Conservation & Land Management
- Certificate III
Propose appropriate use of traditional customs AHCILM301A
Provide appropriate information on cultural knowledge AHCILM302A
Conservation & Land Management
- Certificate IV
Implement land and sea management practices AHCLPW402A
Inspect and monitor cultural places AHCLPW403A
Protect places of cultural significance AHCILM401A
Record and document community history AHCILM404A
Report on place of potential cultural significance AHCILM402A
Conservation & Land Management
- Diploma
Conduct field research into natural and cultural resources AHCILM501A
Develop conservation strategies for cultural resources AHCILM502A
Develop strategies for Indigenous land or sea management AHCILM504A
Implement natural and cultural resource management plans of management AHCLPW505A
Manage restoration of cultural places AHCILM503A
Conservation & Land Management
- Advanced Diploma
Review land management plans and strategies AHCBUS602A
Forest and Forest Product Industry
- Certificate III
Plan burning activities natural and cultural resource managementFPINCR033A
Utilise burning for natural and cultural resource managementFPINCR034A
SIT07 - Certificate I in Tourism
(Australian Indigenous Culture)
Maintain cultural places THTFTG08B
Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous cultures THTFTG08B
SIT07 - Certificate III & IV
Prepare specialised interpretive content (cultural & heritage environments) THTFTG14A
Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures THTFTG14A
Museum and Library/Information Services
(Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Museum Practice)
Work with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural material CULMS001B
Sport and Recreation
- Advanced Diploma
Protect heritage and cultural assets SRXRES010B

Please contact us if you wish to be included on the register, or if you or your organisation is included on the Register and you would like to update any details. Email: WorkingOnCountry@