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Indigenous Protected Area - video

Yalata, South Australia

Lying at the edge of the Great Victoria Desert on the southern margin of Australia's majestic Nullarbor Plain, Yalata covers 4,563 square kilometres of coastal dunes, limestone cliffs, sand plains and shrublands.


Indigenous Protected Areas - Yalata, SA from Parks Australia on Vimeo.


Yalata Indigenous Protected Area spreads across the Nullarbor Plains in South Australia, right down to the Great Australian Bight.

Keith Peters, Yalata IPA, SA
Yalata is now an Indigenous Protected Area - it protects our rights, our culture, our life in the community.

Murray Greenaway, Yalata IPA, SA
The IPA itself goes from the Nullarbor Plain - no trees, so it ranges from that grassy plateau through the coastline where we've got some absolutely spectacular dune environments. And that's the spectacular Bunda Cliffs that you see. I mean it's just one of those icons for Australia.

The IPA works with lots of different partners to keep their land and their communities healthy.

Murray Greenaway, Yalata IPA, SA
When somebody comes to Yalata and gets a permit to occupy one of those campsites it's got a whole range of conditions about sticking on the tracks, not damaging vegetation and all of the Yalata land is alcohol free.

We're really trying to get that home to the fishermen, that we do have fisheries regulations that people have still got to obey. We are working with the Yalata police and community constables to enforce the alcohol restrictions.

Brian, Yalata IPA, SA
We want to see people not bringing grog into our land and drinking along the beach, you know.

Matt, Yalata IPA, SA
We'll be down here working with Fisheries, National Parks and Wildlife and the Yalata Land Management crew and we'll be going into the campsites, having a friendly chat to people, just going through, making sure they're not bringing any alcohol down here

But our primary thing is to make sure everyone's having a good time down here and abiding by the conditions here which is not to bring the alcohol onto the Indigenous Protected Area.

Brian, Yalata IPA, SA
Well we want to just pass on good future for the kids you know, like better things for them to see, you know.