Indigenous Communities

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Indigenous Protected Area - video

Tyrendarra, Victoria

The ancient volcanic landscape of Tyrendarra was created by the spectacular eruption of Budj Bim (Mount Eccles) around 27,000 years ago. This region is a traditional meeting place and camping area for the Gunditjmara people - the land is part of major Dreaming trails and an important ceremonial site.


Indigenous Protected Areas - Tyrendarra, VIC from Parks Australia on Vimeo.


Damien Bell, Tyrendarra IPA, VIC
Tyrendarra is an Indigenous Protected Area which is part of the Gunditijmara nation. It's also part of the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape. Tyrendarra means 'where rivers meet' and the property is bounded by the Fitzroy River and the Darlot's Creek.

Alan Lovett, Tyrendarra IPA, VIC
I'm a Gunditjimara man and this is where I'm from and I bloody love this place. We mainly maintain the place, we've done the walking paths and built bridges and we've got a new centre getting built over here. So it's real good for us, especially us workers for doing all the hard yakka. It's good for our future as well, to have our own place here.

Denise Lovett, Tyrendarra IPA, VIC
We are still doing our cultural practices, using fishtraps and we're still collecting pipis from coast, we're still building houses like this for us to come and look at and be here.

We can bring visitors and guests to our country to look at our heritage. Our heritage connects us. It tells the story of the history of Australia. The wider community have a right to know the full and true history of Australia.

Lindsay Saunders, Tyrendarra IPA, VIC
Well this is the remains of one of these huts. Now that hut there is built on the remains of a hut that was built hundreds maybe thousands of years ago. There was 56 family groups. After European settlement there are only six of us left, six different clans. That's a lot of people that have came and gone isn't it.

Denise Lovett, Tyrendarra IPA, VIC
It's the responsibility of the Aboriginal people to protect their own sites - it's their sites, it's our responsibility. It's probably the best thing about the program is it's given us the opportunity to move forward in doing that.