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Ngarrindjeri Nation Sea Country Plan

Caring for Ngarrindjeri Country and Culture
© 2006 Ngarrindjeri Tendi, Ngarrindjeri Heritage Committee and the Ngarrindjeri Native Title Management Committee

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The Ngarrindjeri Sea Country Plan has been prepared by Ngarrindjeri people to help government agencies, natural resource managers, researchers, industry and the wider Australian community to better understand and recognise rights and responsibilities to our Yarluwar-Ruwe (Sea Country), including the lower Murray River, Lakes, Coorong and adjacent marine and land areas.

Our vision for our Sea Country is based on the relationship between our people and our Sea Country which goes back to Creation. The river, lakes, wetlands/nurseries, Coorong estuary and sea have sustained us culturally and economically for tens of thousands of years.

Part 1 of the Sea Country Plan introduces our people and culture and explains our relationship with our Sea Country.

Part 2 describes the background and processes that led to the development of this Sea Country Plan, and outlines the major issues that are addressed later in the document.

Part 3 outlines the issues, objectives, strategies and priority actions that we intend to address to realise our vision for the future of our Sea Country.

Part 4 explores opportunities for partnerships for implementing our Sea Country Plan. We review other major plans, policies and laws that have been developed for our Sea Country by government agencies and other organisations.

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Cover of the Ngarrindjeri Nation Sea Country Plan

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