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Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area Queensland

Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC) Subcommittee


The Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) Subcommittee (the Subcommittee) of the Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC) provides policy advice and direction to the Minister and the Department on the implementation and further development of the IPA Program.

Terms of Reference

  1. Seek to reflect the views of all stakeholders - including State and Territory conservation agencies, non-government organisations and Indigenous groups from across Australia - in the development of the IPA element of the Caring for our Country initiative.
  2. Encourage the development of complementary processes in each State and Territory.
  3. Advise on the implementation of the IPA element of the Caring for our Country initiative, including broader Indigenous conservation issues.
  4. Contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of the IPA initiative.
  5. Seek to identify and promote national best-practice examples of Indigenous-owned and managed protected areas, and cooperative management of protected areas by Indigenous groups and government agencies.
  6. Recommend options for the development of IPAs
  7. Review IPA guidelines.


The Subcommittee consists of four members of the IAC who make decisions on behalf of the entire IAC and a further six expert and advisory representatives.

The expert and advisory representatives include Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with expertise in natural and cultural resource management, a representative of the State and Territory conservation agencies, a representative from a key conservation organisation and a representative from the Indigenous Land Corporation. Expert and Advisory Representatives will be invited to attend relevant IAC Sub-Committee meetings in consultation with the Chair of the IAC.

The engagement of Stakeholder and Advisory representatives will be considered by the Subcommittee Chair and the Department on an annual basis. To ensure continuity of the Subcommittee rotations of Stakeholder and Advisory representatives will be staggered.

The current membership of the IPA Subcommittee is:
Ms Chrissy Grant (Chair) IAC member
Ms Francine McCarthy IAC member
Mr Daniel Oades IAC member
Mr Jason Field IAC member
Mr Levi Lovett Indigenous community
Ms Joanne Wilmot Indigenous community
Dr Dermot Smyth Adviser
Mr Michael Looker The Nature Conservancy
Ms Emma Pethybridge Indigenous Land Corporation
Ms Eliza Northrop Dept Environment & Natural Resources (SA)


The IPA Subcommittee meets at least once a year. Some members also attend meetings and/or conferences on behalf of the Subcommittee.


Secretariat services are provided by staff of the Indigenous Protected Areas Program, Indigenous Policy Branch of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

Contacting the IPA Subcommittee:

Phone: (02) 6274 1724
Post: IPA Subcommittee Secretariat
Indigenous Policy Branch
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
GPO Box 787

Submissions, publications, reports and bulletins