National heritage assessments

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the Act) requires the Australian Heritage Council to provide the Minister with a written assessment for each place on the finalised priority assessment list.

The assessment process

In making its assessment, the Council must take into account public comments it receives in accordance with the Act. It may seek and have regard to information or advice from any source, but it must not consider any matter that does not relate to the question whether the place meets any of the National Heritage (or, where relevant, Commonwealth Heritage) criteria.

Public comment on proposed listings

Completed assessments

The following national heritage assessments are some of those that have been provided by the Council to the Minister (additional assessments will continue to be added for all National Heritage Listed sites).

Call for interest in assessment research agreements

Are you an expert in the field doing research on any of the places which the Minister has asked the Australian Heritage Council to assess?  Would you like to see your research put to practical use and assist the Australian Heritage Council in its advisory role in conserving and protecting places for their National and Commonwealth Heritage values?

Researchers with heritage expertise and nominators are encouraged to enter into a research agreement with the Department of the Environment to provide research assistance to the Australian Heritage Council in its assessment of places on the Finalised Priority Assessment Lists for National Heritage and Commonwealth Heritage values. (Information on the places themselves is available from the Australian Heritage Database)

Research agreement protocol

The Australian Heritage Council has developed a protocol on the development of research agreements. To express an interest in entering into a research agreement, contact the Department indicating which nominated place you are interested in via email at:  or mail at: Australian Heritage Council Secretariat, GPO Box 787 Canberra ACT 2601.