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Local government heritage information

Local government is actively involved in the identification and management of heritage places across Australia. Many state heritage agencies have developed tools to assist local government and communities in the identification and management of heritage places. Most state agencies have a range of guides available which outline the regulatory approvals process and exemptions for standard works. Sharing the stories of these significant places is also a key mechanism for communities to learn about their local history and connect with heritage places in their area.

Western Australia

Cover of "Local heritage protected areas" available from Heritage Western AustraliaWestern Australia provides comprehensive information for local government including inventories, heritage advisors and criteria for assessing local heritage places on the Heritage Western Australia website.

New South Wales

Cover of a publication available from Heritage NSWNSW provides access to resources for Local Government to assist with heritage management including Local Government Heritage Guidelines on the Heritage New South Wales website.

Cover of NSW Archaeological Management Plans

NSW Archaeological Management Plans

Archaeological Management Plans (AMPs) identify areas of European occupation where high concentrations of potential archaeological remains are expected to be present. AMPs contain management recommendations and policies for the archaeological resource and identify the procedures to be followed. This can avoid delays to development through unanticipated finds, additional costs, expanded project scope, physical restrictions, redesign and other issues which may result from inadequate planning, poor risk management and lack of knowledge about archaeological requirements. These new guidelines explain an appropriate scope of works, timeframe and the support requirements needed for a useful and viable AMP.

South Australia

South Australia provides a section on support for local heritage and funding assistance on the government website.


Cover of a publication available from Heritage VICVictoria have produced extensive information and guides to assist local governments across Australia, including Protecting Local Heritage Places; a guide for local government and Communities.

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