Carbon Neutral Program

Carbon neutrality is achieved when net greenhouse gas emissions of an organisation, a product, service or event are equal to zero. This can be achieved by reducing emissions and then purchasing and retiring offset units to match or 'offset' the remaining emissions.

The Carbon Neutral Program is a voluntary scheme which certifies products, business operations or events as carbon neutral against the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard (the Standard). This Standard provides integrity through its guidance on genuine voluntary offsets and its minimum requirements for calculating, auditing and offsetting a carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality.

To achieve carbon neutral certification under the Carbon Neutral Program, you must measure, reduce where possible and then offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions.

Once certified, you are able to use the certification trade mark under license for promotional and marketing purposes.

The organisations participating in the Carbon Neutral Program continue to take the lead in Australia’s voluntary carbon sector and demonstrate their commitment to achieving a low carbon future.

The Carbon Neutral Program Guidelines, updated in November 2015, set out the rules for participation in the Program.

The benefits of carbon neutrality

By going carbon neutral you can:

  • reduce your organisation's impact on climate change
  • have a third party recognise your organisation’s climate change and carbon management efforts
  • reduce the resources used by your organisation and potentially save money
  • strengthen your organisation's reputation within the market place
  • be able to position your products as carbon neutral alternatives
  • have access to official Carbon Neutral Program branding
  • become a member of the Carbon Neutral Network

What's more, when other businesses use your carbon neutral products and services, you'll be helping them lower their own carbon account.

Let the world know

Once you've been certified as carbon neutral under the Carbon Neutral Program, your organisation is eligible to use the official green and white carbon neutral certification trade mark and the Australian Government emblem to promote your status.

The certification trade mark gives your customers and clients assurance that the products and services they are buying have met strict Australian Government standards for carbon neutrality.

By choosing officially certified products or dealing with officially certified organisations, consumers, customers and clients are reassured that they're making an environmentally friendly decision.

The certification trade mark

The certification trade mark signifies that a particular organisation, product, service or event has achieved carbon neutrality against the National Carbon Offset Standard.

With the certification trade mark your customers are assured the product or service they are purchasing or the business they are dealing with is carbon neutral.

Learn more about the organisations, products and services which are accredited as carbon neutral under the Carbon Neutral Program.


NCOS Carbon Neutral certified logos

The Carbon Neutral Network works for you

Once certified as carbon neutral, your business will join some of Australia's leading corporate names as a member of the Carbon Neutral Network

Members are encouraged to use the certification trade mark to promote their carbon neutrality.

The customers and clients of network members are assured they're working with organisations or purchase products and services that have been certified as carbon neutral.

Not only are you achieving more climate friendly outcomes for your operations, you are being recognised for your efforts.

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