National Climate Change Adaptation Framework

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, 2007

About the framework

This framework will guide action by jurisdictions over the next five to seven years to (summary of actions provided at Annex 1):

  • support decision-makers with practical guides and tools to assist in managing climate change impacts
  • establish a new centre for climate change adaptation to provide decision-makers with robus and relevant information on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation options
  • provide, for the first time, climate change projections and regional scenarios at scales relevant to decision-makers
  • generate the knowledge to understand and manage climate change risks to water resources, biodiversity, coasts, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, human health, tourism, settlements and infrastructure
  • work with stakeholders in key sectors to commence developing practical strategies to manage the risks of climate change impacts
  • assess the implications of climate change and possible adaptations for important regions such as the Murray-Darling Basin, south-west Western Australia, the tropical north, and the drying regions of eastern Australia.

All governments recognise that adaptation is a long-term agenda and that it will take time to quantify risks of climate change impacts and to build capacity to minimise costs and to take advantage of any benefits.

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