Coastal inundation at Narrabeen Lagoon - Optimising adaptation investment

AECOM Australia, 2013

About the document

Knowledge of the physical impacts of climate change is growing but, at this time, it is still insufficient for decision-makers. In addition to developing a better understanding of the physical impacts of climate change, infrastructure owners, investors and governments need advice about adaptation options and their costs and benefits over time.

Infrastructure owners need to know what adaptation options could be taken to optimise their investments and manage risk. Governments need to understand the impediments to infrastructure owners taking efficient adaptation measures to reduce the economic and community impacts of infrastructure failure.

These case study reports are intended to generally demonstrate the application of AECOM’s economic framework for analysis of climate change adaptation options. The case studies illustrate how a sophisticated cost-benefit approach might be applied to options for adapting to the impacts of climate change. The case study reports use a range of simplifying assumptions and the results are not intended to be used for decision-making.

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