Coastal climate change risk - Legal and policy responses in Australia

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, 2011

About the report

The risks to coastal land and assets as a result of the impacts of climate change will increase substantially in coming decades if current development patterns continue. Coastal climate change (CCC) risks include more frequent inundation of coastal infrastructure and settlements leading to increased damage costs to households and more regular disruption to service delivery in areas affected by flooding, loss of buffering and productivity of natural ecosystems, reduced asset life from accelerated erosion and degradation of coastal land, loss of public and private land through erosion and permanent inundation, and greater expenditure on asset repair and maintenance.

This report has been commissioned by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency to inform the Coasts and Climate Change Council of the current extent and status of state and territory laws and policies addressing CCC risks, particularly as they relate to settlements, in Australia. The Council has advised the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency on the potential for the Australian Government to provide national leadership in this policy area.

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