Land Sector Package

Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Fund (Stream 1)

About Stream 1

Stream 1 applications are now closed.

Stream 1 of the Regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) Planning for Climate Change Fund will provide assistance to regional NRM organisations to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation approaches into existing regional NRM plans.


Principles for the Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Fund

Regional NRM plan updates under Stream 1 of the Fund will be underpinned by the Principles for the Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Fund (the Principles). The Principles are designed to guide regional NRM planning processes in a nationally consistent way, while recognising the differences in the status, style and requirements of regional NRM plans between regions, states and territories.


The Principles have been developed to ensure that regional NRM plans guide decisions relating to the location and nature of biodiversity and carbon planting projects across the landscape. It is acknowledged that high quality systems and processes are essential to make good land use decisions for best possible outcomes. The Principles also emphasise community and stakeholder engagement in the planning processes.

These Principles were drafted in consultation with an expert working group made up of key stakeholder groups, including representatives from regional NRM organisations.

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