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Contact details: David McLean
Phone: 07 4939 5255
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Provision of training Resource Consulting Services Pty Ltd (RCS) is an Australian private provider of holistically integrated education, training and consulting services. Our vision is to have "empowered, healthy and wealthy clients living in sustainable landscapes". For nearly 30 years, we have been turning our vision for agriculture into a reality

In 2012 RCS delivered two Indigenous Grazing for Profit™ Workshops in the Northern Territory and has since been involved in Indigenous viability assessments, business plan preparations and ongoing support and coaching to Indigenous organisations. RCS has been consulting to and training Indigenous groups since 1985.

RCS has conducted one study for an aboriginal group into the feasibility of carbon farming projects and provided training on the carbon farming initiative to that group in 2012. We have also provided speakers at 14 conferences and field days in 3 states on the CFI and its implications, in the last 18 months.

Carbon Link was formed by RCS in 2007 and has been at the fore front of developing a systems based, outcome based methodology. The cell grazing methodology was submitted in March 2013 and returned by the DOIC in April with a recommendation to work with the Department to complete the methodology. This methodology includes soil carbon, methane, fertilizer use, above ground woody biomass and fire and is measurement based.

Carbon Link completed in May 2013, the first commercial scale, accurate soil carbon measurement to depth in the world on a 3,000ha site in NSW. The technology used has allowed the assessment of soil carbon to a depth of a metre with a small standard deviation (eg 23t/ha +/- 0.11t per ha). This is and therefore places Carbon Link in a leading position internationally.

Through Carbon Link, we have the ability to

  1. Develop methodologies
  2. Assess the feasibility of projects (3 currently in progress)
  3. Develop technologies to measure carbon fluxes in various projects