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Nature.Net Pty Ltd

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Mike Thompson
Mobile: 0417 217 130
The service provider is non-Indigenous
Services provided in: New South Wales/ACT, Victoria, Tasmania

Services and experience

Services provided:

Feasibility assessment of carbon farming projects

We work for Aboriginal groups to assess feasibility of CFI Projects that 'Connect, Protect & Restore' forest landscapes. Carbon-dense eucalypt forests in southern coastal regions are our specialty, so we only offer services in 10 of Australia's 50 Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions.

In 2012 Nature.Net published 2 hyperlinked pages to help identify 'Climate Action' mitigation and adaptation opportunities in CFI-funded updates to Regional NRM Plans (2013-2020).

CFI Feasibility Reports, Funding Applications and CFI Project Plans relate to these regional plans.

Advice on the Carbon Farming Initiative

Advice includes CFI Forest Methodologies and CFI Skills Training as per our website. Carbon Credits is one subject in NSW Aboriginal Owners' 2012 Joint Plan for connecting their Yuin Mountain Parks. Mike Thompson is the nature conservationist on Aboriginal Owners' Gulaga National Park Board, appointed by the NSW Environment Minister for 2013-2017. They invited Mike to help organise a workshop on Forest Carbon Farming.

Development of governance and contractual arrangements

CFI Training Services include 7 Skills Units covering Vegetation (forests are our most carbon-dense vegetation) , Technical Advice, Feasibility Reports, Project Plans, Monitoring & eporting, Emissions Markets, and Aggregated CFI Projects. As experienced IT and Cert.IV Trainers we made submissions in 2012 on new CFI Skills 'Units' accredited nationally in July 2013. We are participating and will help deliver CFI Units in Conservation & Land Management and other courses in 2014. convenes Australia's Forests & Climate Action Forum 22-Feb-14 at ANU.