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Kleinfelder Australia Pty Ltd

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Feach Moyle
Phone: 1300 881 869
The service provider is non-Indigenous
Services provided in: National

Services and experience

Services provided:

Kleinfelder has an experienced team of ecologists, including those specialising in botany, soil microecology, forestry, and fire, vegetation and land use assessment. This combination of skills allows Kleinfelder to accurately determine the probability of success of a project and to estimate the amount of carbon sequested or not released.

Our ecologists are experienced in the development and use of tools and methodologies for the calculation of biometrics similar to those used in the CFI methodology and program managers experienced in risk and adaptive management practices. Additionally Feach Moyle, Principal Ecologist with Kleinfelder recently joined the company from SEWPaC, where he worked closely with the Department of Climate Change when they were developing the CFI, and as such has a detailed knowledge of the scheme and how Indigenous organisations can utilise it.

In the past twelve months Kleinfelder has advised on environmental offsets management strategies, done extensive land management activities, conducted a large number of flora surveys, provided training, and written many vegetation and fire management plans. We have several Indigenous staff to ensure any training that Kleinfelder develops and/or delivers is done in a culturally appropriate manner.

Key personnel:

Cheryl Kitchener (BA Arch) Cheryl is an Aboriginal woman from the New England area who has over twenty years' experience in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage and has extensive Indigenous public policy experience.

Feach Moyle (BSc Hons, ADAS, Accredited BioBanking and BioCertification Assessor) Feach has many years' experience in flora and fauna survey work and public environmental policy development.

Dan Pedersen (BSc, BPAD-A, EngTech GIFireE): an experienced botanist and land and fire assessment ecologist, Dan has over ten years' experience.

Dr Nigel Fisher (PhD, BSc Hons): a soil microecologist with a strong research background and experience in degraded land rehabilitation.