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Greening Australia (WA)

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Craig Anderson
Phone: +61 8 6488 6679
The service provider is non-Indigenous
Services provided in: Western Australia

Services and experience

Services provided:

Greening Australia (GA) is a national not-for-profit organisation with a mission to engage the community in vegetation management to protect and restore the health, diversity and productivity of our unique Australian landscapes. The Indigenous communities of Western Australia are a vital link in this mission providing strong connections to land and land management knowledge directly relevant to landscape restoration and carbon mitigation activities.

GA has 10-15 years of engagement and partnership with Indigenous communities within Western Australia through training, land rehabilitation and facilitating culture reconnections, and more recently in direct regard to facilitating increased awareness and opportunity for carbon activities.

GA has been engaged to undertake business feasibility and capacity building for carbon enterprise opportunities in the WA Avon region investigating commercial, cultural and environmental activities to support social and economic outcomes within the region. GA has supported the development of land restoration activities and is able to provide technical land management capability in partnership with community.

GA has a strong history in training within Indigenous communities through our ALEP program (see link on our website) and is currently delivering this through the Pilbara Conservation Program in partnership with BHP Billiton.

GA has a large network of partnerships through research, corporate, legal and government agencies - we are able to facilitate linkages and partnerships crucial to support Indigenous communities to allocate land and human resources to carbon activities.

GA has over 7 years of direct experience in carbon programs through project development, implementation and sales and marketing, built on strong financial awareness of issues relating to project feasibility and short and long term carbon market impacts. We have built and market tested a strong feasibility model for large scale biodiverse carbon reforestation activities.