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CO2 Australia Ltd

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Dr Patrick Smith
Phone: 03 9928 5111
The service provider is non-Indigenous
Services provided in: National

Services and experience

Services provided:

CO2 Australia is at the forefront of developing, delivering and commercialising large scale carbon projects under the CFI. We were the first non-government entity to develop a CFI Methodology - the Reforestation and Afforestation Methodology - and are helping others develop and refine further Methodologies. We already have thousands of hectares of forest registered as carbon projects under the CFI and were the first to deliver ACCUs from an Australian forestry-based CFI project. CO2 Australia's wealth of experience means we can offer end-to-end solutions to those considering investing in, developing and realising carbon credits from the CFI.

Services we have provided in the past 12 months include:

We have an extensive track-record working in partnership with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous landholders, having delivered over 25,000 hectares of revegetation projects across Australia, involving ongoing relationships with over 100 families.

CO2 Australia regularly delivers training and information forums for landholders across regional Australia. These offer landowners/managers the opportunity to learn about and discuss topics including: land management issues; climate change and impacts on productivity; the benefits of incorporating native vegetation into their enterprise; and opportunities for landholders to benefit from emerging carbon markets. Our staff have considerable experience working in partnership with Indigenous Australians and can tailor training and advisory services to meet the needs of each individual client.