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Carbon Farmers of Australia Pty/Ltd

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Louisa Kiely
Mobile: 02 6374 0329
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Carbon Farmers of Australia (CFA) is a grass roots company formed to assist landholders retain their carbon right and benefit directly from their carbon trade. We are a Registered Offset Entity and hold the Australian Financial Services Licence for the carbon trade. We are regionally based and believe in accessing Voluntary and Compliance markets for stakeholders. We have 35 years marketing experience which enables us to enhance a CFI project with marketing strategy.

CFA has submitted the first soil carbon methodology to the DOIC. We sit on the soil carbon reference group. We believe there is a nationally significant potential in rangelands, farmlands and Native Title Land to reduce carbon emissions through management changes thereby improving soil structure, native biodiversity and landscape hydrology.

We have well developed one and two day training courses which were approved under the Farm Ready system. We have many testimonials for these.

This training ranges from 'Carbon Farming 101 - the basics of carbon farming and trading' to 'Advanced Training - from theory to development of a project'.

For the purposes of management, benefit-sharing, governance and trading, we believe in a wide membership based approach - (cost & risk reduction, pooling). Therefore, we are members of the Australian Carbon Cooperative Ltd. (ACC), the first organisation to apply the co-operative model to landscape scale landuse/vegetation -based carbon management . Furthermore ACC's significant and well documented in-house experience in Indigenous land management/education, Indigenous REDD+ will contribute to the content and delivery of our services.

We run an annual Carbon Farming Conference, for the last 6 years, have a published 'Carbon Farming Handbook' and run a 'Carbon Cocky' Award each year to reward innovative landholders.

We have also assisted Australia's first Bulk Haulage Company to go 'carbon neutral' last year. Transforce is very keen to buy carbon credits from Australian landholders.