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Biodiversity Fund

Round One 2011-12

Successful projects

The Australian Government has approved $271 million worth of grants in the first round of the Biodiversity Fund. A total of 317 successful projects will revegetate, rehabilitate and restore over 18 million hectares of the Australian landscape over the next six years. Around $31 million in funding will go towards successful projects in the first year.

Recipients of the Biodiversity Fund Round One grants will be managing a wide selection of both large and small scale projects tackling local and national environmental issues. These issues include increasing the biodiversity of local woodlands, rehabilitating the degraded habitat of native fauna, controlling invasive species, or easing grazing pressures on fragile ecosystems.

The majority of projects will improve connectivity within the landscape, by building on and linking currently isolated habitat areas, relieving pressure on vulnerable native species and increasing the resilience of the landscape.

Projects selected for Round One will increase the size of habitat areas for a whole range of at-risk native species and improve connectivity between them. The flow-on benefits of this include:

The Biodiversity Fund represents a genuine commitment to and support of Australia's biodiversity for the long term, with current projects being funded over six years, and 90% of projects being run over three years or more.

Revegetation, restoration and protection

Over 100,000 hectares of land nation-wide will be revegetated, while close to 5 million hectares will be restored. Around 13 million hectares will be protected from invasive species.

Just over a third of the Biodiversity Fund projects indicated that they will go on to participate in the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Over $26.1 million will go towards supporting Indigenous groups for long-term biodiversity conservation and carbon storage projects. A further $21.7 million will go towards a variety of revegetation and rehabilitation projects that create additional indigenous employment in remote communities

Future rounds will ensure that the effect of current projects will be bolstered by new initiatives in years to come. This long-term focus will ultimately mean longer-lasting results for our environment and communities.

The Biodiversity Fund has received overwhelming community support, with an additional $207 million committed by the biodiversity projects in cash or in kind contributions. A number of project managers have vowed to continue building and working on the projects beyond the funding period.

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