Land Sector Package

Biodiversity Fund

The Biodiversity Fund assists land managers to store carbon, enhance biodiversity and build greater environmental resilience across the Australian landscape. It provides support for the establishment of native vegetation or better management of existing native vegetation.

Funding rounds

Biodiversity Fund: Round Two 2013-14


Funding to protect and manage biodiversity and assist in maintaining resilience in prioritiy areas across Australia.

Investing in Tasmania's Native Forests 2013-14


Funding to support the Tasmanian Forest Agreement's conservation outcomes.

Northern Australia Targeted Investment 2013-14


Funding to restore and manage Australia's biodiversity in Northern Australia and improve carbon outcomes across the landscape.

Biodiversity Fund: Round One 2011-12


More than $270 million across 312 projects is being invested to revegetate, rehabilitate and restore the Australian landscape.


Monitoring and reporting

West Macdonnell Ranges, NT. Photo: John Baker

The Australian Government requires monitoring and reporting for all environment and natural resource management programs.

Case studies

See what Biodiversity Fund: Round One projects have achieved on the ground so far.

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