Land Sector Package

Rivers of carbon

Biodiversity Fund Case Study

Location: New South Wales Southern Tablelands
Funding: $1,909,000 (excluding GST) over 6 years
Partners: Australian River Restoration Centre Limited and Greening Australia

With support from the Australian Government's Biodiversity Fund, a partnership between the Australian River Restoration Group and Greening Australia, seeks to capitalise on over a decade of positive action with their project: Rivers of Carbon: Southern Tablelands riparian linkages project.

The Biodiversity Fund grant of $1,909,000 over six years will support both organisations to work in partnership with landholders, Natural Resource Management Regional Bodies and other organisations in the Southern Tablelands region.

The aim is to link remnant vegetation and previously rehabilitated sites to form intact riparian corridors. The project will also extend riparian corridors into the wider terrestrial landscape to facilitate species movement in the face of climate change, as well as leveraging biodiverse Carbon Farming Initiatives in these highly productive areas.

"Our project looks at linking previous plantings to build on the work of the past that government and non-government organisations have financed. It's very much about linkages, and working with rivers is a terrific way of creating those linkages," said the Australian River Restoration Centre's Siwan Lovett.

Fenceline at property Yeumburra  River at property Yeumburra  Property Yeumburra
Through this project we will create 120 kilometres of linked rivers and hope to see greater biodiversity across our project sites. Photos: Andrew Tatnell

Healthy Landscape = healthy rivers

Yeumburra, a property managed by Shaun Young, will be one of many sites to benefit from the Biodiversity Fund project. A healthy river is the result of a healthy surrounding landscape and a selection of strategic plantings, fencing and management of grazing routes all influence the vitality of the river. By introducing selective plantings to strengthen run-off areas, fencing stock routes and carefully rotating grazing areas, the property is a picture of health. Creating more sites like this and providing links between them is the goal of Rivers of Carbon.

"Through this project we will create 120 kilometres of linked rivers and hope to see greater biodiversity across our project sites - more birds, more mammals, more fish in the rivers. We want to see more habitats for species and healthier rivers. We are looking forward to working with people who are passionate about the river," says Siwan.

Greening Australia's Lori Gould explains further, "By capitalising on the work that has already been done there are follow-on effects for birds, fish and other wildlife."

Rivers of Carbon will also focus on the need to maintain the productivity of the land by providing shelter for livestock.

"Recognising that we all need to eat and be clothed yet conserve the more pristine elements of the landscape," Lori said.

"The Biodiversity Fund is something that has created a lot of interest in the community- there's a good awareness of the need to protect the landscape and maintain the productivity of the land alongside that. The Biodiversity Fund will contribute significantly toward creating those outcomes."