Clean water

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Evening reflections on the Murray River near Renmark

The Government's Clean Water Plan has community-based and practical environmentalism at its core. It incorporates a sustainable plan for the Murray-Darling Basin, our Water Security Plan and protection of the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef 2050

The Reef 2050 Plan will provide a long term strategic approach to address key threats to the Great Barrier Reef including nutrient run off and Crown of Thorns Starfish, as well as species protection, particularly dugongs and turtles.

Marine planning

A more balanced approach to Marine Protected Areas will mean the areas are assessed in accordance with scientific, economic and social evidence. This will continue to protect marine environments and the fishing communities that rely on them.

Water security

The appointment of a panel of water experts, measures to harness stormwater and the potential for new dams in northern Australia will secure the nation's water supplies, deliver strong economic benefits for Australia and protect our environment.

Additional Programmes

  • International campaign to end scientific whaling
  • A National Whale Stranding Action Plan
  • A National Dolphin Recovery Plan
  • A National Whale Trail
  • Marine bioregional planning

Region-specific Programmes

  • Additional $1.2 million for Chaffey Dam
  • Cleaning up the Yarra River
  • Improving the environmental health of the Tamar River, Tasmania
  • Myall River working party
  • River Torrens Recovery Programme
  • Swan and Canning River Recovery Programme
  • Tuggerah Lake clean up


Reef Trust Tender – Burdekin offers funding to sugar cane farmers in the Burdekin NRM region to improve nitrogen and irrigation management practices on their farms. Expression of interest stage open until 7 December 2015.
Release of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan
Round Three of the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program is now open for applications within the Murray and Murrumbidgee catchment in New South Wales. Applications close Thursday 30 April 2015.

Murray-Darling Plan

The 10-point plan for the Murray-Darling will restore the river system to health while ensuring the viability of Australia’s food producing communities.

Photo: Richard Freeman


Australia will continue its international campaign for an end to ‘scientific’ whaling and to secure better protection of whales and dolphins.

A Plan for a Cleaner Environment

Find out more about the Australian Government’s plan for a cleaner environment.