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Please note: data has not been updated since 2005.

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Wetland Classification - (A) Marine and Coastal Zone Wetlands

Wetland Classification - (B) Inland Wetlands

Wetland Classification - (C) Human-made Wetlands

Directory Criteria for Inclusion
  •   1 - It is a good example of a wetland type occurring within a biogeographic region in Australia.
  •   2 - It is a wetland which plays an important ecological or hydrological role in the natural functioning of a major wetland system/complex.
  •   3 - It is a wetland which is important as the habitat for animal taxa at a vulnerable stage in their life cycles, or provides a refuge when adverse conditions such as drought prevail.
  •   4 - The wetland supports 1% or more of the national populations of any native plant or animal taxa.
  •   5 - The wetland supports native plant or animal taxa or communities which are considered endangered or vulnerable at the national level.
  •   6 - The wetland is of outstanding historical or cultural significance.
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