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Woolshed Swamp - VIC061

Level of importance: National - Directory
Location: 36 degrees 10' S, 143 degrees 43' E; 4 km south of Boort.
Biogeographic region: Riverina
Shire: Shire: Loddon.
Area: 353 ha.
Elevation: c. 95 m ASL.
Other listed wetlands in same aggregation: Lake Lyndger, Lake Boort.
Wetland type: B14, B6
Criteria for inclusion: 1, 3,
Site description:
Woolshed Swamp is a deep freshwater marsh.
Physical features:
Geological setting: Quaternary playa overlying Tertiary-Quaternary sediments including the Parilla Sands. Climate: Mean and median annual rainfall at Boort are 400 and 402 mm respectively (BoM 1995a).
Hydrological features:
The swamp is fed by local runoff and direct precipitation. It is ephemeral and fills roughly every 20 years.
Ecological features:
Woolshed Swamp is a high value wetland for its large size, naturalness and habitat diversity. It also supports a diversity of fauna species and is a valuable waterbird breeding habitat. The wetland is an intermittent shallow freshwater swamp fringed by River Red Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Yellow Box E. leucoxylon.
At times, the swamp supports high invertebrate populations of chironomid midges and beetles and has large populations of invertebrate larvae associated with seasonal water level fluctuations (Chappell 1990). It is an excellent example of deep, freshwater marsh.
Notable flora:
Notable fauna:
Composition: Significant numbers of waterbird species were recorded during two counts in 1989. 22 wetland bird species were recorded, the average number of birds being 270 (NRE undated a). Breeding: Significant numbers of Pink-eared Duck Malacorhynchus membranaceus and Australian Shelduck Tadorna tadornoides breed here; this apparently coincides with the emergence of the chironomid larvae (Chappell 1990).
Other Fauna:
Social and Cultural values:
13 ha of the public land is gazetted as an Historic Reserve to protect remnants of an early stone sheepwash and the side of an historic shearing shed adjacent to the swamp.
Land tenure:
Recommended and managed as a Wildlife Reserve- 461 ha. Surrounding area: Historic Reserve, Crown Land- Extraction of Stone.
Current land use:
Grazing, nature conservation. Surrounding area: Historic reserve, mining.
Disturbance or threat:
Past/present: Grazing by domestic stock has resulted in the invasion of pest plants. This has adversely affected River Red Gum revegetation and aquatic and semi-aquatic plant associations. Rabbits and foxes also pose a threat to the native flora and fauna.

Potential: Not known.
Conservation measures taken:
Woolshed Swamp is recommended as a State Wildlife Reserve (461 ha).
Management authority and jurisdiction:
Parks Victoria.
See Victoria Reference List
Compiler & date:
Parks, Flora and Fauna Division, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, September 1995.
AWRC Division: Murray-Darling