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Search Conservation Advices and Recovery Plans by NRM Region

The NRM region Search Module will display EPBC listed species or ecological communities for which a Conservation Advice or Recovery Plan is available.

Conservation Advice provides information on key threats, priority local and regional conservation actions and threat abatement actions for listed species or ecological communities.

Recovery Plans provide information on research and management actions necessary to stop the decline of, and support the recovery of, listed threatened species or threatened ecological communities.

Here is a map of NRM Regions. For a full list of the EPBC listed species and ecological communities which occur in your NRM region please use the EPBC Protected Matters Search Tool

Please select at least one NRM region and choose 'Generate Report', or alternatively choose 'Show Reports for All Regions'.

Conservation advice is developed by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee based on the best available information regarding the conservation status and threats to a species or ecological community at the time of listing. Conservation Advice should only be used as a guide for identifying priority conservation actions for species and ecological communities, and is intended only as an interim measure prior to the development of a Recovery Plan.