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Sponsors have contributed greatly to the development of Species Bank and continue to do so. Their contributions are acknowledged with each species description they have sponsored, and are also summarised below.

Levels of contribution are indicated with symbols reflecting the number of species sponsored
(* 1-19, ** 20-49, *** 50-99, **** 100-199, ***** 200+).

Species Bank thanks the following Sponsors
Maurice McDonald/ACIAR   *
David Lea/ACIAR   *
Suzette Searle/ACIAR   *
Brian Gunn/ACIAR   *
David Kleinig/ACIAR   *
Tim Vercoe/ACIAR   *
John Lamour/ACIAR   *
John Turnbull/ACIAR   *
Bruce Maslin/ACIAR   *
Jock Morse/ACIAR   *
Mike Moncur/ACIAR   *
John Doran/ACIAR   *
Ross Loebel/ACIAR   *


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