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Shark Bay, Western Australia
Shark Bay, Western Australia
Image Description: Pearling cutter at Denham
Barcode No: dig002030
Holdings: RT36689-RT36697, RT53936-RT53958, dig000879-dig000880, dig000885-dig000904, dig001356-dig001393, dig001879-dig001990, dig001991-dig002033, dig012168-dig012544, dig007189-dig007202
Location: Denham Hamelin Rd, Denham
Date Taken: Nov-06
Photographer: Bryden, Nicola
Keyword(s): Coasts, Islands, Maritime industry, World heritage areas
Copyright Owner: Copyright Department of the Environment
Copyright Conditions: Credit creator
Copyright Comments: Unlimited reproduction usage for unlimited period of time
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RNE: Place_ID 19791
WHL: Place_ID 105020
NHL: Place_ID 105686
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Barcode No: dig002030
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