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Australian War Memorial and the Memorial Parade
Australian War Memorial and the Memorial Parade
Barcode No: dig000583
Holdings: RT31673 - RT31678, RT61698 - RT61701,RT63416-RT63419, (Glass plate CD14-16,508-510), dig000571 - dig000599, dig002257 - dig002299, dig002818, dig004309 - dig004335, dig004535 - dig004563
Location: Anzac Pde, Campbell
Date Taken: Apr-06
Photographer: Wray, Steve
Keyword(s): Artefacts, Gardens, Memorials, Museums, Sculptures, War memorials
Copyright Owner: Copyright Department of the Environment
Copyright Conditions: Credit creator
Copyright Comments: Unlimited reproduction usage for unlimited period of time
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RNE: Place_ID 13286
CHL: Place_ID 105469
NHL: Place_ID 105889
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Barcode No: dig000583
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