Exemption notices - Cetacean permits

List of EPBC Act Exemption notices - Cetacean permits

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The following details are public notifications relating to exemptions from a requirement to obtain a cetacean permit under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 .

Activity Date of Notice Documents
Return (export) of a whale bone artefact known as a 'scar plaque' (smoothing board) for exhibition purposes 12 June 2006
Import and export of historic artefacts made from whale bone for exhibition purposes 30 March 2006
Import from the United States of America an historic scrimshaw panbone (for the purposes of exhibition) 27 August 2004
The re-export to Fiji of 16 items of traditional cultural Tabua (sperm whale teeth and other whale parts) 2 August 2004
To import a tomahawk with a whalebone handle 24 November 2003
To develop an immigration reception and processing centre and associated infrastructure 3 April 2002